Alberto Canciani


Alberto Canciani Born in Rome, Italy in 1948, he retired from the Italian Space Agency (ASI) in 2014.

Global professional experience: Forty years of activity 1974 – 2014 in the field of design and systems of Spacecraft Systems Development and management of space projects and programs


Master Degree on "Electromagnetic Compatibility and Environmental Impact of Telecom. Systems"

from the Department of Electronic Engineering, University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Italy.


School education Degree in Physical sciences (Applied Electronics field)

score 110/110, from the University "La Sapienza" of Rome (Italy), discussing a thesis on design and development of (innovative, in those days) Optoelectronic technologies for laser-based telecommunications.

1990 - 1993

Company Representative on the "Finmeccanica - STET / TELECOM - Motorola" Board of Directors

for the feasibility study and development of the IRIDIUM System (Integrated Global Space-to-Ground System for Mobile Communications).

1990 - 1998

Responsible for the institutional relationship of the company with the main national and international governmental bodies operating in the defense and security sector.

1994 - 1998

Responsible for Alenia Spazio's business development programs, in the SATCOM and NAVSAT fields

to follow GNSS-2, GALILEO, SICRAL on, EUROSKYWAY, SKYPLEXNET, Improved applications of COSMO-SKYMED, SATCOM national integrated network for the "CIVIL PROTECTION" Italian, 3 development of improved QUADRIX-PQE2000 supercomputers with a multi-dimensional matrix for the command and control of the SATCOM and integrated multimode operating systems NAVSAT.

1989 - 1994

Marketing Manager of the Alenia Spazio Department "Spatial Systems for Defense"

for the development of SATCOM and NAVSAT equipment and systems for national and international defense and security. Main programs achieved: SICRAL-1, HELIOS 1 & 2, MILSATCOMM, IRIDIUM (by Motorola), European System of Small Satellites SATCOM-NAVSTAR for UEO (WEU), operating "EUCLID" System for European defense and feasibility study for the military potential Applications of COSMO-SKYMED.

1984 - 1986

Responsible for the feasibility study and the phase-A proposal of the Integrated Space-to-Ground Operating System "SICRAL - AM 136"

for the SATCOM National Defense Applications.

1982 - 1988

Proposal Manager and Project Manager of SATCOM and OBDH S / Systems for OTS, HIPPARCOS, SOHO, ISO, SAX and CLUSTER European Space Programs.


Responsible for the launch operations of SIRIO-1.


Responsible for the launch operations of SIRIO-2, TT & C and OBDH subsystems.

1975 - 1983

Responsible for the design, development and tests of

the TT & C and OBDH subsystems on the national space programs SIRIO-1, SIRIO-2 and for the feasibility study of the TT subsystems & C and OBDH of ITALSAT Program.

1974 - 1998

Two Professional experience in Alenia Spazio SpA, Rome, Italy (formerly the Aerospace Industrial Company, then Selenia Spazio)

• Design, development, and testing of TT & C (Telecommunications, Monitoring, and Command) and OBDH (On-board data management) ) Spatial and operational units Integrated systems.
• Design and development of SATCOM and NAVSAT applications and services.
• Management of SATCOM and NAVSAT business proposals and the following Projects and programs.
• Technical and strategic marketing of SATCOM and NAVSAT systems and services (SICURAL, COSMO-SKYMED, GNSS, GALILEO), mainly for national security and defense objectives. Main significant responsibilities

2001 - 2002

Professional experience in GLOBAL AEROSPACE Underwriting Comp.

Senior consultant in the space insurance risk branch of GLOBAL AEROSPACE UNDERWRITING Associated Comp., London 'HQ.

from 1998 to 2001

Professional experience in "Assicurazioni GENERALI SpA"

Executive (technical) executive of the insurance risk branch of ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI SpA, in the central office in London (UK).

2005 - 2012

National Delegate

in the municipality of the European Space Agency (ESA) Communication Board (JCB).


Responsible for the "Coordination of Technological and Application Programs" in the Technical Directorate of ASI (DTE).

2005 - 2010

Responsible for the ASN ATN service (Integrated Telecommunications and Satellite Navigation Applications).

2003 - 2005

Responsible for the ASI Satellite Telecommunications service.


Winner of the ASI national competition for "National Expert in Integrated Telecommunication and Satellite Navigation Systems".

2002 - 2013

Professional experience at the Italian Space Agency (ASI).