Mauro Balduccini


• 2014 Experience on Patents request documentation
• 2013 Responsible for the “piano di formazione” per attività programmatiche, di progettazione e di prova su strutture in materiale composito” issued for Regione Lazio
• 2011 Rapporteur for the DA4 (Sistemi di Trasporto Spaziale, Lancio e Rientro) of the Italian Research Platform SPIN-IT
• 2008 Member of Eurospace Technical Advisory Board
• 2004 Starting of lectures and courses for Universities and international Organisations Università di Roma La Sapienza; Scuola di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, SIOI, CIRA (topics: System Management; Cost Analysis, Propulsion, Debris Control constraints)
• 2003 Experience on the development of Proposal based on ECOS (ESA software)
• 2002 Chairman of the Ariane 2010 Key Point N.2 for CNES/DLA, with the objective to investigate and validate potential evolutions of the Ariane 5 launch system in order to preserve its competitiveness in the long term, mainly through cost reductions
• 1996: Participation to the Technical Support Team constituted by ESA/AEROSPATIALE for investigating the Failure of Ariane 5 flight 501. Special focus on A5 Software management development and verification.
• 1992: Participation to training on Team Building and Management

May 2015 - Current

Administrator of MaBa Consulting SRL (Roma)

Development of feasibility analysis and implementation of contractual proposal for a Test Bench for the ground testing of Ramjet Engine
Development of consultancy for re-entry analysis of Satellites (to comply with ESA Debris Control Regulations)
Provision of consultancy support for the development of Modules / Subsystem aimed to support the compliance with Debris Control international Legislation / Guidelines (IADC)
Consultancy on Launch System development options and analysis of economic attractiveness for a European Country relevant to the definition of recommendations in the frame of the preparation of EU Ministerial Conference for Space.
Development of training courses for specific needs of SME and for University (Cost analysis and Management, Program Management, Launch Systems, professional competitive proposal development, development of Video promo for marketing / commercial target, issue of Business Plans)


2008 – April 2015

AVIO (Colleferro – Roma)

Head of Avio Research & Development for Space Programs; development of proposals and strategic plans for the Research activities (EU, ESA, EDA, MIUR, Italian Defence, Italian Regional Organisations). New system concepts development in the frame of Debris Control Systems (END, END/MMOD, CAOS, RBB…), Orbit Transfer and Deorbiting Modules, Air-Launched Orbital vehicles, low cost small Launch Systems, Gun Launch To Orbit concepts, Air-breathing first stage for Launch Systems (flight models and ground test benches), Vehicles and LV Upper stage improvements for allowing In Orbit Testing.
Development, and preliminary discussion with ESA of possibilities of characterizing the “demiseability” of different materials, equipment and assemblies by using testing carried out during the recurring re-entry of each Vega Launcher mission (critical input parameter for carrying out the debris/ safety control analysis relevant to Satellite/ Upper stages)
Development of Spin-off plan for advanced technologies toward “not-space” business areas.

2001- 2008

ELV (Colleferro – Rome)

Consolidated experience in Launch Systems development with the management (as Vega General Manager) of the ELV team under contract with ESA for the Vega launcher development, qualification and 1st flight up to the System Design Review.
Responsible for the development of Risk Analyses and for the definition of the New Initiatives.
Development of Vega Upper Stage introducing debris control limitation (in particular adopting a “demise design” in order to comply with a uncontrolled re-entry transient) and enabling its utilisation for In Orbit Testing after the separation of the Primary PL
Lectures and courses for Universities and international Organisations (topics: System Management; Cost Analysis, Propulsion, Debris regulations and control).

1993 – 2001

FIAT AVIO/BPD (Colleferro -Rome)

Development of System design and management capabilities for Launch Systems (Cyclone 4 modernization; and VEGA technical manager); “design”, recruitment and control of the System Teams. Development and review with FIAT Corporate top management, of the Industrial Business Plan for the VEGA development contract.

1990 – 1993


Expansion of System level competence with the responsibility of the ITALSAT 2 Communication S/C and of SICRAL1 Military Satellite Platform; responsible for the In-flight anomalies processing.

1982 – 1989

BPD (Colleferro – Rome)

Technical heritage development for Space Propulsion and (manned) System Engineering (tech responsibility for the Nutation Control System of the IRIS stage flown on STS and several other Propulsion Systems).

1977 – 1982


Technical background development as Thermo-Structural Analyst within Nuclear and Petrol Chemical area.