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Kick-off meeting 2064 OUTERSPACE

On March 7, 2019, the start-up meeting of the club “2064 OUTERSPACE” took place.

In Addition to the three promoters (Silvano Casini, Leonardo Gagliardi, Cesare Sodi) Enrico Flamini, Piero Spillantini and Mauro Balduccini were present, for the coordination of the operational groups in which the initiative is articulated.

The topics of the meeting were:

  1. The Club’s Purpose and operational modalities;
  2. Field of action and participants in the activities of the operating groups in which the Club is articulated;
  3. Strategic Aspects concerning spatial infrastructures, for the use and exploitation of extraterrestrial resources;
  4. Enhancement of Italian capabilities in the field of launching systems;
  5. Issues of governance of the Italian Space Agency also in the light of the recent reform law and the planned reform of Research Institutions;

Following an in-depth examination of the aforementioned points, a broad convergence was found on the guidelines and on the operating modalities of the Club.

Specific actions and upcoming initiatives have been identified.

Finally, it was agreed on actions to promote the activities of the club, either through appropriate initiatives at the media or through the website, all ready operational,