Operative Groups


OG 1 – Solar System Exploration

OG leader:
Enrico Flamini

OG members:
Alberto Canciani
Marcello Coradini
Piero Messidoro
Roberto Somma

  • Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway (LOP-G) and its evolution.
  • Human and robotic iSA (in-Space Assembly), and iSS (in-Space Servicing) orbital facilities.
  • Future Sun-Earth L2 missions.
  • Contribution to the creation of a self-sustained Spacefaring Economy.


OG 2 – Scientific Support to Space Exploration

OG leader:
Piero Spillantini

  • Environmental Control of orbital and planetary manned habitat.
  • Identification and exploitation of Moon and NEOs useful elements (water, rare metals, other).
  • Protection of in-space auxiliary facilities (e.g. propellant production and depot).


OG 3 – Enabling Technologies

OG leader:
Claudio Sollazzo

  • Control and mitigation of debris and hostile objects.
  • ISRU activities.
  • Cooperative robots for iSA, and iSS activities.
  • Advanced propulsion systems (e.g. Electric – Hybrid – Nuclear).
  • Two-way space-to-space vehicles (e.g. LEO to LEO; LEO to LOP-G; LOP-G to Moon surface).


OG 4 – Italian Autonomous Launch Capability

OG leader:
Mauro Balduccini

  • Launch Vehicles and launch infrastructures for LEO – MEO orbits.


OG 5 – USA-ITALY Bilateral Cooperation

OG leader: