Roberto Somma


2012 - Current

Member of the Académie de l'Air et de L’Espace


He received the Satellite Master 2011 Award

from the University of Rome "Sapienza" for his contribution to higher education.


He received the recognition "Universus 2010" for the work of scientific dissemination

on the occasion of the XXIX Conference Universus of the Montecorvino Observatory Rovella (SA).


He was given the honor of an Official Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.


Asteroid 7323 was named after him: Robersomma

on the proposal of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2009 - 2014

Holder of the column "Lift-off, news from space"

for the scientific magazine "Le Stelle" Member of the Rotary Club since 1994 (Paul Harris award in 2006).


Co-author of Techniques and Project Management Methodologies (Aracne)


Co-author ofSpace Security (L'Una)


Co-author of Women and Space (Universitalia)


He is the author of about 100 articles and memoirs at international conferences and co-author of "The Methods of Reliability" (Franco Angeli)

2001 - 2010

General Manager of the CoRiSTA

research consortium in the field of Remote Sensing and member of the Boards of Directors of companies and consortia.


Senior Advisor to the Chairman and CEO at Alenia Spazio

1991 - 2014

At Alenia Spazio

Chief Operating Officer of the Remote Sensing Division, Director for the Coordination of Studies and Technologies, Director of Intellectual Property.


he was commissioned to give rise to the field of satellite remote sensing with radar sensors in the framework of national programs ASI

collaboration with NASA, and European (ESA) for Earth observation and interplanetary exploration.

1970 - 1980

Worked on developing advanced systems reliability models

producing many original results published internationally.


Joined Selenia

where he was involved in reliability issues, a then-emerging discipline, for the first Italian industrial satellite, Sirio, immediately after graduating in Engineering Engineering at the University of Rome.